beyerdynamic studio microphone FOX now available

beyerdynamic studio microphone FOX, available from 15th July, warrants excellent sound quality independent of the surroundings – be it in the studio, at home, on holiday or out and about. By combining modern technology and simple operation, the beyerdynamic FOX allows for perfect sound with no hassle. Speech and vocal recordings, podcasts and also ambitious acoustic performances can be realized effortlessly.

FOX comprises all functions required for spontaneous and easy recordings with perfect sound

You can connect the USB microphone directly to a PC/Mac and a pair of headphones. Appropriate adapters even enable the use with iOS and Android mobile devices. More setup is not required even for professional recordings. All important components are integrated into the microphone’s housing and facilitate sophisticated studio quality with up to 24 bit and 96 kHz sampling rate. Additional equipment like preamps, AD converters, loudspeakers or headphone amplifiers is not necessary.

The microphone and the included FOX orange-coloured USB cable enable top quality recordings from online live streaming and recordings in the studio to outside production and also podcasting on the road. When necessary, the included wind screen can eliminate pop sounds for even better results. With the included foot plate, FOX stands steadily on any table and is easy to set up.

The beyerdynamic studio microphone FOX is user-friendly

Two knobs on the microphone’s front control monitoring levels: the first pot adjusts the headphone level for perfect control over monitoring volume. The second knob mixes the direct microphone signal into the headphone path for latency-free monitoring of the incoming signal. Especially when recording speech or vocals, this kind of hardware monitoring is superior to monitoring through software. A mute button enables the convenient elimination of unwanted sounds during live recordings, for example. At the FOX’s back, the microphone’s sensitivity can be adjusted via a Gain switch to tailor FOX to various microphone distances. This switch also allows for recording very loud sources.

The FOX’s microphone capsule is more sensitive than dynamic microphones, picking up even the finest nuances. The cardioid pickup pattern reliably protects recordings from unwanted ambient noise while the capsule’s elastic suspension minimises the influences of vibrations like footsteps or handling noise.

The beyerdynamic studio microphone FOX is available from 15th July, for example from the beyerdynamic web shop at The MSRP for FOX is 179,00 euros.

Photo courtesy: bayerdynamic

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FOX was first listed on Amazon on May 2018.

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