BOSS to launch TU-03 Clip-On Tuner & Metronome

BOSS announced on July 14th to launch the TU-03 Clip-On Tuner & Metronome which is ideal for guitar, bass, ukulele, and other stringed instruments. The TU-03 combines a high-performance chromatic tuner and metronome in one clip-on unit, giving players two essential music tools in a single convenient device.

BOSS’s famous tuner range offers numerous solutions for all types of musicians and educators, with everything from handheld designs to pedal-based models like the touring-standard TU-3. The new TU-03 joins BOSS’s two other clip-on models, which include the compact TU-01 and sleek TU-10.

The TU-03 Clip-On Tuner & Metronome features BOSS’s trusted tuner technology for quick and accurate instrument tuning. You can select between five tuning modes: chromatic, guitar, bass, ukulele, and also violin. The large display and easy-to-set controls on the TU-03 make instrument tuning quick and efficient. Standard chromatic mode allows you to tune to any pitch. Dedicated guitar, bass, ukulele, and violin modes provide string-based displays for even faster operation. It also supports flat and double flat tunings. The overall reference pitch is adjustable from 430-450 Hz. The reference pitch can also be sounded through a built-in speaker, providing an audible tuning tone for your playing partners.

Tuner and metronome in one

The TU-03 Clip-On Tuner & Metronome clips onto the headstock of a guitar, bass, ukulele, or other stringed instrument. In order to both hear and also see the beat, the TU-03 has both a speaker and a screen. It’s even possible to turn down the metronome sound and use the display as a silent timing reference.

There are eight different patterns and ten beat variations available, and tempo is adjustable from 30-250 BPM. The metronome beats are displayed on screen and sounded through a built-in speaker. Do to its integrated backlight and non-glare surface, it is easy to view the display everywhere, from dark stages to bright sunlight.

The TU-03 Clip-On Tuner & Metronome is available on Amazon.

Photo courtesy: Roland Corporation

The TU-03 Clip-On Tuner & Metronome was first listed on Amazon on July 2018.

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