BOSS to launch VE-500 Vocal Performer Pedal

BOSS launched on August 29th the VE-500 Vocal Performer, a vocal harmony/multi-effects processor pedal. The VE-500 is a high-performance vocal toolkit with automatic harmony/pitch correction, a vocoder, and deep effects options. It allow users to process their voice any way they like. For example from subtle sweetening to the dramatic or over-the-top effects heard on many modern records.

All the vocal tools right on your pedalboard
Photo courtesy: Roland Corporation

The VE-500’s stompbox configuration makes it simple to integrate with any pedalboard. Just plug your guitar into the instrument input to drive the harmony, pitch, and vocoder functions, and then use the Thru output to feed an unprocessed signal to your other pedals. Three assignable footswitches offer versatile real-time performance control. Stereo XLR outputs enable to send your processed vocal sounds directly to a PA mixer, stage monitor, or recording device.

VE-500 features an automatic harmony engine and vocoder
Photo courtesy: Roland Corporation

The VE-500 makes it easy to elevate your songs with rich, ear-catching vocal harmonies. Its automatic harmony engine is powered by advanced BOSS processing that detects the chords and key you play with your guitar. Selectable harmony modes provide further options for refining the harmonies to suit songs that have more complex key structures. The harmony engine can alternately be driven via MIDI (through either the VE-500’s MIDI or USB inputs). This feature enables you to generate pitch-perfect live harmonies with a MIDI keyboard or DAW-based backing tracks.

The VE-500’s vocoder function is derived from BOSS’s innovative VO-1 Vocoder pedal. By vocalizing into the connected mic as they play, users can instantly transform their guitar’s tone with synthesized electronic voices. It’s also possible to replicate traditional talk box sounds, providing access to classic “talking lead guitar” tones without having to use a talk box rig and mouth tube.

Create special effects with automatic pitch correction

The VE-500 provides you with wide-ranging effects for crafting nearly any vocal sound imaginable. Included are compressor, EQ, and de-esser tools for shaping the core vocal tone. Other effects include reverb, delay, and modulation sounds and also specialty effects like distortion, filtering, and many others. It is possible to use up to nine effect sections simultaneously. VE-500 features highly flexible routing options for processing live and harmonized vocals together or separately. A looper is accessible as well for looping vocal sounds.

The VE-500 also features a dedicated pitch correction section, which is driven via guitar or MIDI just like the harmony function. It can be used for transparent pitch stabilization or replicating heavily effected sounds heard on modern hits. You can stabilize or replicate also electronic tonalities or even robot-voice sounds.

With the VE-500’s large display and panel knobs/buttons, it’s simple for users to edit sounds and save them in 99 user patch locations for instant recall while performing. Editor/librarian software is available as well allowing to tweak and organize sounds from your Mac or Windows computer via USB.

The VE-500 will be available soon for $499.

Photos courtesy: Roland Corporation

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