Korg launched a new acoustic guitar tuner

Korg announced on September 10th launching an acoustic guitar tuner Rimpitch-C2. The new tuner is designed specifically for acoustic guitars. It features slim and compact design and you can attach it to the inside of the guitar's sound hole. Since the tuning meter is within your natural field of vision, you can glance casually at the tuning meter while you perform. It's an ideal choice for any acoustic guitarist who does not want to distract from their performance with a clip-on tuner.

Piezo pickup quickly and accurately detects the sound

acoustic guitar tuner Rimpitch-C2When tuning, the Rimpitch-C2 detects the sound through the vibration of the guitar itself. The body features a proprietary structure with a closely attached piezo pickup. This allows to detect the sound  rapidly and accurately. You can attach the tuner to a round sound hole of 100 mm diameter (within ± 3mm). It is designed to fit a wide variety of acoustic guitars. Rubber cushions on both the inside and outside of the tuner ensure a secure fit and guarantee accurate tuning.

The acoustic guitar tuner has a visible and readable LED display

The note name indicator is optimally balanced between the left and right of the display. The LED meter is shown across the entire display, and the strength of the light expresses the movement of the needle with exquisite precision. When the tuning is exactly correct, the left and right LEDs blink briefly, showing at a glance that you're perfectly tuned. This ensures excellent visibility not only when practicing in a bright room, but also on a dimly lit stage. The meter also lights beautifully when you turn the power on or off.

Supports tuning in any scale or key, and a calibration function is also provided

The acoustic guitar tuner Rimpitch-C2 uses chromatic tuning, which supports tuning in any scale or key. This feature makes it ideal for players who use alternate, open, or dropped tunings. The detection range covers the range of E2 (82.41 Hz) – E7 (2637.02 Hz) required for guitar. The calibration function also supports a variety of concert pitches, allowing you to adjust the reference pitch in the range of 438–445 Hz as appropriate for the music that you're performing

Intuitive design provides excellent functionality, as well as easy battery replacement

When the remaining battery capacity runs low, the note name indicator of the display will blink, indicating at a glance that it's time to replace the battery. The battery compartment cover easily slides open or closed using a discreet button. This ensures, that it will not open accidentally. Because the design unifies the battery cover with the unit itself, you don't need to worry that it will be lost when replacing the battery.

Source and images: Korg


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