Mini-Bodypack Transmitter SK 6212

Sennheiser announced on September 14th launching a mini-bodypack transmitter SK 6212 for the Digital 6000 wireless microphone system.  The SK 6212 will be an ideal choice for any broadcast, theatre, musical or also live audio show that requires an inconspicuous, ultra-compact and lightweight package with the same reliable and spectrum-efficient transmission as that offered by the other Digital 6000 transmitters.

The main features of the mini-bodypack transmitter

The mini-bodypack has comfortably rounded corners and edges. It is about 63 x 47 x 20 millimetres in size and a weight of approx. 112g including battery.

According to Tom Vollmers, Senior Product Manager Pro Audio the SK 6212 is miniature in size but big on sound, using the proprietary Sennheiser audio codec of Digital 6000 and Digital 9000. Like the bigger transmitters, it is intermodulation-free and hence extremely spectrum-efficient. The frequencies can simply be placed in an equidistant grid.

The engineer has full control over the mini-transmitter via an OLED display and function buttons. As with all Digital 6000 transmitters, the SK 6212 can be IR sync’ed, saving time and hassle – especially in live environments. The flexible antenna is detachable and field replaceable. Also special effort was put into ensuring a good level of moisture resistance for the SK 6212, which features an additional inner sealing.

The mini- bodypack transmitter is powered by a removable BA 62 lithium-polymer battery. The operating time of the battery is up to 12 hours. This means no more stress with battery life during long shows. This is especially useful if the bodypacks must be given to the dressing or make-up room a few hours before the actual show starts. You can recharge the BA 62 battery in the L 6000 rack-mount charger using the new LM 6062 charging module.

The SK 6212 is compatible with the 6000 series receivers, including the analogue/digital EK 6042 camera receiver. It is also compatible with the receiver of the Digital 9000 series when in Long Range Mode.

The mini-bodypack transmitter will become available in early 2019. Sennheiser will be previewing the SK 6212 at IBC 2018.

Source and image: Sennheiser


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