PEAVEY® has launched interactive online guitar lessons

Peavey Electronics® announced at the end of June the launch of the Peavey Learning Center. This is an innovative online learning portal for new guitar players. Peavey customers now have access to a state-of-the-art online guitar lessons program through their desktop computer or mobile device. The Peavey Learning Center offers a fast, proven method and clear learning path that will help players overcome basic obstacles and advance their skills.

The course offers 12 levels of guitar instruction with more than 100 lessons

To enroll in the guided curriculum, customers simply provide their email address and the member code found inside the Peavey instrument pack. The dashboard allows them to access the “Peavey Complete” online guitar lessons.  The course offers 12 levels of guitar instruction with more than 100 lessons in a guided format to keep students on the right path, including graphics, text, HD video and play-along tracks, along with a tuner, metronome and a forum to submit questions. Students can select from three payment options. The first option is a lifetime membership of $99 USD. The second is a lifetime membership split payment program with three payments of $35 USD. And the third option is a monthly recurring fee of just $19.95 USD.

The Peavey online guitar lessons features polyphonic assessment tools

Players will especially benefit from the unique and fun polyphonic assessment tools, including the Chord Crusher game and Perform It. Perform It prompts students to perform the lesson while playing along with a scrolling tab and video. When players hit the red record button on the screen, Perform It assesses the playing and lets them know if they’re ready to move on to the next lesson. The Lesson Review and Practice feature provides an overview and lets players know what they should have accomplished before moving on. Chord Crusher is more of a game format where players play chords and pop balloons when played correctly.

Watch a demo lesson here.

To learn more visit the Peavey Learning Center

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