Roland to launch JUNO-DS76 Synthesizer

Roland announced on September 13th the JUNO-DS76 synthesizer, the latest addition to the popular JUNO-DS synthesizer lineup. The JUNO-DS76 features a lightweight design for easy travel and wide variety of professional sounds for covering any music genre. It also features a support for mobile performing with battery operation. Equipped with a 76-note synth-action keyboard, the JUNO-DS76 synthesizer is an ideal choice for players who want to expand their musical range with multiple sounds split across the keyboard.

JUNO-DS76 synthesizer features professional sounds and extended keyboard range

Perfect for ambitious new bands, the JUNO-DS series offers next-generation instruments. They are ultra-portable and also easy to operate. They feature light-yet-durable construction and also streamlined operation. The instruments are simple to load in and set up. This allows the users to focus on their musical performances without distraction. Filled with flexible features like ready-to-play sounds, onboard pads for audio playback, a pattern sequencer for creating original songs, and numerous others, the JUNO-DS enables players to take on every creative scenario.

Roland to launch JUNO-DS76 SynthesizerFor keyboardists who mostly play organ, synth, and also other sounds, the 76-note keyboard on the JUNO-DS76 synthesizer provides increased playing comfort when different sounds are assigned to the upper and lower note ranges. The keys of JUNO-DS76 are also a little longer than a standard synth keyboard. This feature offers a playing feel that’s smooth and consistent no matter where the key is pressed. With a weight of just 15.25 lb./6.9 kg, the JUNO-DS76 is much more portable than typical 76-note synths.

The new JUNO-DS76 joins the two existing models in the JUNO-DS lineup – JUNO-DS61 and JUNO-DS88. The JUNO-DS61 features a 61-note synth-action keyboard and is really  an easy-to-carry instrument for busy players on the move. The JUNO-DS88 features 88 weighted keys and  is a great option for both piano-based pros and also for serious piano students. Roland’s Ivory Feel-G Keyboard with progressive hammer action provides high-end touch and playability for the expressive JUNO-DS piano sounds while keeping the instrument light and easy to carry.

You can learn more about the JUNO-DS76 synthesizer and the entire JUNO-DS lineup on Roland website here.

Source and images: Roland Corporation


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